Bravo for Epicurious

I just noticed this morning, while looking for a salsa recipe, that the cooking website Epicurious lets you upload a photo that will appear on your recipe reviews and in their cooking discussion area. When I went to upload my favorite MorgueFile-licensed photo, I discovered that Epicurious actually asks whether I have the right to use and distribute the photo. Pretty amazing. I think I’ll show the site to my students to kick off a discussion of when we have the right to use images and other media we find on the web.


2 responses to “Bravo for Epicurious

  1. Can’t across your blog this morning, it makes great reading. We having been discussing CC on Flickr photos, the kids have caught onto it and are making sure that they only use legal ones.

    Do you Twitter?

  2. Just noticed today that Facebook asks whether or not users have permission to use their profile images. Good for Facebook!

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